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Problems you may have with your gas or plumbing

My boiler makes a strange noise?
This could be the result of a number of causes i.e. air in the system or low pressure.
If you're worried, just give us a call and will solve this issue as soon as possible.
There's an error message on your boiler or flashing lights?
This could be the resulting from a number of causes i.e. Low pressure, no ignition spark, condensation or a frozen pipe. To diagnose the problem, give us a quick call and we'll quickly assess the issue and give you a FREE competitive quote.
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No hot water?
This is commonly the result of low pressure or a faulty diverter valve.
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My radiators are not heating up properly?
This could be due to an air lock in the system, sludge build up or possibly low pressure.
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No water is coming through my tap or it keeps dripping?
A faulty tap washer is often the case or the tap itself is no longer working correctly.
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Or, questions about ongoing issues

My overflow keeps running?
A new Ball Valve is often the solution to this common problem.
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My toilet flush doesn't stop?
Your water level may be too high or your syphon may need replacing.
Call us today for a quick resolution to this annoying and wasteful problem.
My toilet won't flush?
Your water level may be too low or your toilet needs a new syphon.
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My shower isn't working?
This could be due to a few issues or simply you need to install a new shower.
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Where can I find a cheap boiler service in Newport S. Wales?
IS Domestic Gas and Plumbing offer really competitive prices for boiler servicing so please give us a call on 077 9200 5851 and arrange your FREE quotation.

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